Review System


Online reviews are a the powerful way to drive new clients to your business at low cost.

Positive reviews instantly convey trust and confidence; a massive influence on prospective clients who often make initial decisions in moments.

Reviews also directly boost search rankings on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

But acquiring and managing reviews is a challenge. It’s tough to do consistently.

Your business needs a system.

Specifically, a system that helps you accelerate review acquisition, gently nudges clients that forget, monitors your review activity, and displays your best reviews on your website — all automatically.

With our system, you’ll collect more positive reviews with the least time and effort.

Introducting the best review system on the market

  1. Easy and fast way for clients to review your business (any friction kills review activity, so we streamline everything)
  2. No searching required. One click takes your client directly to your listing on their favorite review site.
  3. Negative reviews are routed to you first (instead of going public on Yelp, Google, etc). Yes, this is huge.
  4. Daily review alerts delivered to your inbox. Save time, no need to check for new reviews manually
  5. 4- and 5-star reviews are automatically displayed on your website, updated daily. This saves a lot of time, and presents your entire positive review history in one convenient place. (Your web developer will need to add our code to your website)
  6. Printed review invitations. Hand these out to clients and your network to boost acquisitions.
    • grade-us-sample-review-invitation-card-2
  7. We support 80+ review sites. All the big ones and many smaller industry-specific sites.
  8. Custom setup included: We work with you to determine the most important review sites, add your logo and colors, and edit the review request messages as needed.
  9. Works everywhere — smartphones, tablets, desktops
  10. Send a review invitation to a client in less than a minute. Or, upload a list.
    •  grade-us-sample-invitation-form-2
  11. Your client will receive a series of three nicely-written requests (until they review, opt-out, or you cancel the sequence).
    • grade-us-sample-email-sequence
  12. What about clients who don’t want to create an account on Yelp, Google, etc.? They can use the system to write a testimonial that automatically displays on your website. No account required.
    • grade-us-sample-modal
  13. Summary review reports sent to you each month
  14. QR code enabled to drive reviews with cards, flyer’s, and signage
  15. Complete dashboard to manage your entire review campaign, upload lists of reviewers, reporting, etc. (Coming soon)
  16. Custom short URL to launch your review funnel: Display it anywhere: email, social media, websites.
  17. Post positive reviews to Twitter and Facebook automatically.
    • social-media-review-post-10-14-2015-01
  18. Text enabled: “to review us, text YOU to 313131” (this is a premium, extra charge feature)

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