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Review System Website Components

Ready to integrate the review system into your site? Here’s how  . . .

There are seven components (shown below). You can use them separately, or in any combination, depending on your needs.

For example . . .

  • Display the Review Button and Review Stream on your home page
  • Display the Landing Page Widget on a page you create to collect and display reviews
  • Use your Short URL to link the review system within a blog post.

Any of the components can be styled with CSS to match your brand.

  1. Choose the components you want to use
  2. Copy the appropriate code snippet from your shared project folder
  3. Paste the snippet into the HTML code of your website where you want the component to appear.
  4. Refresh your page; you should see results similar to the examples below. The system is ready to use immediately.

QR Code  (qr-code.png)

Print on cards, flyers, or signage to increase engagement. A quick scan with any Android or iOS QR code app launches the review system.

[vcex_spacing size=”50px”]

Short URL  (short-url.txt)

The short URL is a unique text link for your account. Insert it into your website, social media page, or email messages. Clicking the link launches the review system. For example:

[vcex_spacing size=”50px” visibility=””]

Invitation Login (invitation.txt)

The URL, username, and password you’ll need to sign-in to the review invitation system. Once signed-in, enter the names and email addresses of potential reviewers; one at a time, or as a list. The system will send three nicely-written messages requesting a review.


[vcex_spacing size=”50px” visibility=””]

Review Button  (review-button.js)

Place the button on your website, social media page, or in email messages. It works the same as the Short URL. Click to launch the review system.

Review Us
[vcex_spacing size=”50px”]

Landing Page Widget  (landing-page.js)

All-in-one widget displays your review stream and launches the review application. User’s click a star to begin.

[vcex_spacing size=”50px” visibility=””]

Review Stream  (review-stream.js)

Displays your 4- and 5-star reviews in a scrolling box.

[vcex_spacing size=”50px”]

WordPress Plugin

Displays your review stream on your WordPress website. Download the plugin.