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Supplemental Local SEO Tactics
1. Google+ Badges Boost Social Engagement and Search Rankings
2. Image Tagging: An Under-used, Zero-Cost Tactic to Boost Your Local Search Rankings

What is Google+?

Google+ is a social networking and local business platform. Even though Google+ never really took off as expected, it’s still relevant because the Google+ badge to binds your website to your Google+ page and to your Google My Business listing.

Why is a Google+ Badge Important?

A Google+ Badge provides a convenient way for users to share your business with their network (their Circles), give you a public endorsement (a +1), or visit your Google+ page content.

That engagement matters because +1’s and follows may affect where your website appears in Google search.

Lots of +1’s will likely boost your rankings. And if a patient +1’s your practice,  followers of that patient are more likely to see information about your business directly in their Google search results, ranked higher than it otherwise would be.

We provide your business information in a special format called structured markup because your Google+ Badge uses it by default.


Wait! My Google Badge is Too Huge, Ugly, Distracting, etc. Is There Another Way?

Yes!  You’ll get similar functionality with just the +1 button and the link button. We provide both to use in place of the badge.

Google+ Buttons


Alternative WordPress plugin


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