Local SEO Marketing Package for Divorce Professionals

A Powerful Marketing Channel that Delivers a Stream of Fresh Local Leads

Every divorce professional competes in their local market. Even in smaller cities, there are a surprising number of family law attorneys, divorce financial advisors, and mediators — all vying for a limited pool of new clients.

The best marketing channel to connect with these potential new clients is Google Local Search. 


Because Google is the #1 place people go to find local professionals all of kinds. But not just any people . . .

Unlike social media, advertising, and other marketing channels, local search excels at attracting people that are ready to take action — ready to find a solution to a problem they’ve been thinking about. Their first stop: a Google search to find local providers with solid reviews and a good fit.

For professionals, here’s the best part: local search leads are FREE. There are no per-lead fees, no costly ad campaigns, no time-consuming work for you or your staff. 

All it takes to enjoy a continuous stream of leads is higher search visibility and a better conversion funnel — those are the two ingredients we bring to the party.

Sure, it could make sense to have multiple marketing channels running at some point, but before adding that complexity and cost, compare local search optimization to other channels.

We specialize on optimizing Google Local Search results for divorce pros like you because it’s simply the best-performing marketing channel. Stay ahead of the competition and watch your business prosper at a minimal cost.

It’s powerful SEO, simplified.

Our Packages are Ideal if You Want to:

  • Attract local leads ready to take action.
  • Invest in marketing that delivers long-term value.
  • Keep things simple and effective.

But May Not be the Best Choice if:

  • You need leads immediately (organic SEO takes time to get traction).
  • You’re not comfortable asking for reviews (although this process can be automated).
  • Your website is not built with WordPress.
  • AAML: American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • ACFLS: Association of Certified Family Law Specialists
  • ADFP: Association of Divorce Financial Planners
  • APFM: Academy of Professional Family Mediators
  • CDC: Certified Divorce Coach
  • Divorce Options® Divorce Options Workshops
  • IACP: International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
  • IAFL: International Academy of Family Lawyers
  • IDFA: Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA)
  • LACFLA: Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association
  • NADP: National Association of Divorce Professionals
  • Second Saturday® Second Saturday Workshops

Association member or workshop leader? Meet your ideal local marketing solution.

Simple. Clear. Professional.

Just what you need, done right!

Expand any Feature to Learn More.

* Premium package only.

20+ years of experience, 12 years exclusively in local search marketing. Finally you can get straight answers from a seasoned professional about any aspect of online marketing. 

Contact us for guidance on your overall online marketing plan, specific marketing issues, website structure, and rapid content creation.

[This search feature was formerly called Google My Business]

We make sure your profile is 100% complete based on our questionnaire. We may need additional materials from you to complete the listing. Then we do a periodic check/update of your Google Business Profile as required. 

Touching and updating the listing is a significant Google ranking factor. One SEO company we know charges $300 / month JUST for this service; with us, you get so much more . . . 

Reviews are a powerful business acquisition and retention strategy. Positive reviews generate revenue.

Our automatic system collects any fresh reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and displays them on your website in a nicely formatted way.

To request reviews from clients, and bring review acquisition into your business process, we recommend an automatic text-based system like TrueReview (not part of this package). Alternatively, we can recommend a manual review acquisition method.

These on-page technical optimizations include:

  • Optimize your key “Money Pages” that are most likely to appear in search result — Home Page, About Page, Contact Page.
  • Website links to your Google Business Profile and vice-versa
  • Service schema and Local Business schema (structured data about your business and location that search engines read directly)
  • Optimized meta-titles on all pages and posts based on our exclusive local-intent keyword list.
  • Optimized meta-descriptions on key money pages
  • HTTPS security check
  • Optimized headings on the website page that is linked from your Google Business Profile (usually your home page)
  • Configure WordPress plugins and themes to automatically update, resulting in better performance and security.

Website content (blog posts) supports your local search ranking positions. You’ll enjoy higher visibility if your website contains content that matches the local search query. 

Our Standard Package doesn’t provide content, but we’ll introduce you to some rapid content creation methods that change the game entirely. You can compete at a high level with help from an outsourced editor or staff member.

Our exclusive local-intent keyword lists reveal which keywords trigger local search results. You can’t get these lists anywhere else. 

Local search is where you want to compete. Local results do not include big media sites and directories (like Yelp) that eat up search positions. 

We use these same keywords to track your website ranking vs. local competitors. We have complete keyword sets for family law attorneys,  mediators, and divorce financial professionals. 

Have you ever wondered how you’re doing online? 

Our custom weekly Google search ranking report will tell you where your business ranks against up to 30 hand-picked competitors in your local market. 

Our data extraction software pulls all your local competitors from Google Maps. We know who they are, their ranking across our local-intent keyword set, and even how many reviews they have. 

[Chart below: One of our clients (in blue) hitting the #1 visibility spot relative to their 4 top competitors]

A shocking 97%+ of website visitors leave soon after visiting a website — only 3% of visitors take any revenue-generating action. 

Our custom lead generation call-to-action popup on your website dramatically increases the number of people engaged while on your website. It works so much better than typical “Contact Us” forms.

It’s important to respond to these leads quickly, so we also include text alerts. When a potential client fills out the popup form, you’ll be notified instantly. Give them a call!

Citations are mentions of your business information on the internet. They don’t necessarily include a link to your website. 

Google uses citations to evaluate the consistency of business data. Ideally, citations should be completely consistent. 

We review and match key citations based on our questionnaire so the data matches as it should. We also add your citation to the Big 3 “data aggregator” databases that supply hundreds of downstream sites. 

If not already in place, we’ll install the WordFence security plugin on your website. Of course, we cannot guarantee you’re site will never get hacked, but the security measures we put in place reduce the likelihood. 

We also enable automatic updates so your plugins don’t get out-of-date.

We check your website every 15 minutes to confirm it’s up and running. You won’t lose leads because the site is down. 

Fast, business-class U.S.-based managed cloud VPS WordPress hosting, including security shield, solid state storage, and a private control panel to manage your account. 

This is the best hosting solution we have found. Superior hosting means your potential clients will get want they want immediately instead of being frustrated by a sluggish website. Google knows this, so fast websites get higher rankings.

If we are hosting your site, and it breaks or goes down due to a server issue, we’ll get it running.

If you want your own hosting account, we’re happy to make the referral. The hosting company will take care of migrating your site at no charge and bill you for service directly.

“Core Web Vitals” is Google’s solution to measuring the performance of your website. It’s a search ranking factor and impacts user behavior. No one likes a slow website! If we see that you’re site is running slowly, we fix it.

Our Premium package includes a “core content kit” —  a collection of done-for-you blog posts thoroughly covering essential topics. Kits are planned for family law attorneys, divorce financial professionals, and divorce mediators. 

We combine our exclusive local-intent keyword research and AI-assisted writing tools to create comprehensive, highly-optimized posts. Once we add the posts to your site, your visibility in search should expand by hundreds of related keywords.

We evaluate our content against the top 20 nationally-ranked posts for each keyword cluster (a much higher standard than is required for local markets).

To be clear, our posts are shared within our client base. A family law firm in Denver would receive the same posts as a firm in San Diego. We don’t believe this is a conflict in the context of local markets. We retain the copyright, but you may modify the posts for use on your website.  

Release planned for 1st quarter 2023.

Wouldn’t it be great if potential clients could listen to your content on-the-go? Now they can. We produce a professionally voiced version of each done-for-you blog post. The click-to-play button appears at the top of each post. WordPress sites only.

We’ll send you a Loom video reviewing your account progress and recommendations to improve results.

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Standard Divorce Pro Marketing Package

Every divorce professional needs this package to compete effectively in the local market. Better visibility + better conversion = more clients. Stay ahead of the competition at minimal cost.
$ 500 per month for 12 months
($1,000 discount if paid annually)
  • A Local Search Expert On Your Team
  • Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Automated Review Collection System
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Exclusive Content Marketing Tactics
  • Local-intent Keyword List
  • Local Search Rank Tracking
  • Call-to-Action Popup + Custom Form
  • Match Citations and Data Aggregators
  • Website Security Enhancements
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring and Updates

Premium Divorce Pro Marketing Package

Our premium package designed for divorce pros selling higher-ticket services into competitive local markets. Extra attention given to content, conversions, and site performance.
$ 1,000 per month for 12 months
($2,000 discount if paid annually)
  • Everything in Standard Plus:
  • Highly Optimized Done-for-You Posts
  • Audio Voiceovers of Blog Posts
  • Premium Website Hosting
  • Google Core Web Vitals Check
  • Monthly Video Progress Update/Consultation
About these packages

Except as noted, the scope of work does not include content creation, optimization of content, or writing review responses, and is limited to WordPress websites.