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Everything you need, done right.

Every divorce professional needs to compete effectively in the local market. Invest in expert guidance and tactics to attract qualified leads and increase conversions. Stay ahead of the competition at minimal cost.

20+ years of experience, 11 years exclusively in local search marketing. Finally you can get straight answers to any questions related to online marketing, including strategic guidance. 


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Your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business listing) is the #1 local search ranking factor. Initial optimization and monthly check / update of your Google Business Profile listing

Reviews are one of today’s most powerful business acquisition and retention strategies. Positive reviews generate revenue. 

Each day, our automatic system collects any fresh reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp, and displays them on your website in a nicely formatted way. This package covers one location. If you need to collect reviews from additional listings, please ask. 

To request reviews from clients, and bring review acquisition into your business process, we recommend an automatic text-based system like TrueReview (not part of this package). 


Specific schema for you “Money Pages” — About Page, Contact Page, Home Page, and . . . Services? 

These on-page technical optimizations include:

  • Links to your Google Business Profile, Service schema and Local Business schema (structured data about your business and location that search engines can read directly)  
  • Have the highest likelihood of attracting new traffic.
  • Form the strongest impressions with new users.
  • Have the highest chance of achieving conversion.
  • Give you the best chance to sell your brand.
  • Are weighted more significantly than other pages by search engines.
  • In other words, they’re your money pages.
  • Optimized meta-titles on all pages and posts
  • Optimized meta-descriptions on key pages
  • HTTPS security check
  • Proper headings on the website page that is linked from your Google Business Profile (usually your home page)

Custom weekly Google local search ranking reports show how your site ranks against up to 30 competitors in your local market. Track your progress and discover opportunities to rank higher.

Exclusive local-intent keyword list reveals exactly which searches trigger local search results — these are the keywords that should guide your marketing and content creation.

97%+ of website visitors simply leave — only 3% of visitors take any revenue-generating action. We’ve discovered that a custom lead generation call-to-action popup on your website pages dramatically increases leads. It’s important to respond quickly so we also include instant text alerts. 

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WordFence. Of course, we cannot guarantee you’re site will never get hacked, but the security measures we put in place greatly reduce the likelihood. Auto plugin updates.



Are you sick of getting a blizzard of annoying comment spam or form spam through your website? We install Google Captcha plus a form security plugin to dramatically cut or eliminate spam, so you can focus on potential client inquiries. 

2 months free (16% discount) when pre-paid for 12 months


1. It takes ongoing work and time to see results from Local SEO and Search Marketing; we ask clients to commit to the full 12-month subscription. There are no refunds on this professional service. 

1. Fees are automatically billed and renewed until cancellation. You can change your payment method at any time.

2. The scope of work or pricing may change when you renew (we’ll notify you if it does). Renewal discounts may be available, but are not guaranteed.

3. The scope of work is limited to items on this page.  Except as noted, the scope of work does not include content creation, copywriting, detailed SEO optimization of individual posts and pages, or writing review responses.

4. If your website breaks or goes down because someone on your team broke it, or it was maliciously hacked, we bill for troubleshooting and repair at $125 / hour.

5. We only work on websites powered by WordPress.

This product is for you if . . .
  • You’re frustrated with the marginal results
  •  You don’t have time to track multiple
  • You want to spend your marketing money wisely, not  money on an agency that 
  • You like simple, understandable
This service is probably NOT for you if . . .
  • You don’t like technology. Google is the 800-pound gorilla of search marketing. We rely heavily on Google services along with best-of-breed technology from other vendors to drive leads to your business. Online marketing is technology-heavy, although we do our best to isolate you from it.  
  • You churn consultants. Churning marketing people leads to confusion and poor outcomes. No one feels committed if there’s a revolving door. We ask for a 12-month mutual commitment to demonstrate results. 
  • You like a shotgun approach. to throw darts marketing methods. throwing darts at marketing channels. That’s the second reason we ask for a 12-month commitment.  
  • You demand fast results. Local SEO, like all organic SEO efforts, takes time to get traction, months rather than days. Once in place, organic  search results “stick” much better than other channels such as advertising or social media.
  • Asking for reviews troubles you. Reviews are the #1 client conversion factor and the #2 search ranking factor. As a keystone tactic, you can’t compete without them. We can help you create an automatic and painless review acquisition system, but you still need to go along for the ride and respond to reviews. 
  • You’re desperate for leads. Organic SEO is a longer-range strategy that builds lasting value over time. If you need a surge of business immediately, you’re better off with fast-track tactics: fixing your message and sales process, local networking, advertising, etc.
Do you belong to any of these associations or workshops? Our Divorce Leads program is a perfect fit.