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How Update Your WordPress Website and Check Your Forms


Hi there, it’s that time again . . .

Let’s update your site to reduce potential security issues and ensure it is running as expected.

And since losing leads is expensive and disheartening, let’s take a minute to check your forms and public email address too. (Over the years I’ve seen clients lose hundreds of leads. Don’t assume your site will never break.)

How to Update the WordPress Core, Plugins, and Themes

  1. Sign-in to your WordPress dashboard (
  2. In the left panel, click on the Updates link (the adjacent number shows how many updates are available).
  3. On the WordPress Updates page, look for any links that indicate an update is available.
  4. Click the links to update WordPress first, then the theme, then the plugins.
  5. When you’re done, the number adjacent to the Updates link in the left panel should disappear (indicating no updates are available).

Do not click the Re-install Now button, that’s only needed for special circumstances. If the Update WordPress never seems to appear, your site may be configured for automatic core updates. In that case, there’s nothing to do!


How to Check Your Forms

This is so easy. Just go to each of your forms, (contact page, popup, payment form, etc.) and fill them in with your own information.

The form should submit without an error. What happens next depends on how the form is configured. As the user, you may get an email or text notification directly which confirms external notifications are working. Internal recipients should get an email or text notification too. Make sure those notifications are going through.

Who are the proper recipients? Check with your web developer.

How to Check Your Email Address

Lastly, send an email to your primary public-facing email address to confirm it goes through to the recipients. Who are the proper recipients? Again, check with your web developer.

That’s it. See you next month!

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