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How can you quickly create posts to match voice search and local search queries?

Just follow these steps:

  • Brainstorm possible voice searches. Voice searches are often questions. What questions do customers ask?  Find out with Topic’s People Also Ask tool.  Enter a topic, out come the questions.
  • Use Ubersuggest to expand your list.  Enter a keyword, sort by traffic. Look for questions and topics that closely relate to your service or product, and that have decent traffic. For example, entering “pool” returns “How much does an in-ground pool cost?” with 6,600 searches per month. Nice!  As a pool contractor, you’d be crazy not to have a specific content to match that search.
  • Now, instead of spending hours laboriously writing a post, create an audio recording.  You probably talk to your customers all the time.  When relaxed, I’ll bet you can easily talk about a specific aspect of your service or product for 10 minutes. That’s about 1,500 words! To rank well for most topics, you’ll need a post about that length. In our example, you could talk for about 10 minutes on the advantages of a in-ground pool, optional features, safety concerns, and of course, cost.  Quote a price range for your area, and invite readers to contact you.
  • Send your recording to a transcription service, they will send text of your audio in a couple of days.
  • Past the text into your blog post, add some headings and images, then publish. If you’re happy enough with your recording, include that in the post too. If not, just use text from the transcription.
  • You’ve just created a laser-focused voice and local search magnet in a fraction of the usual time.

To give yourself the best shot at getting real results, set up a system to record anytime and you’ll be able to knock out posts quickly.

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