Foremost Claim 3011900596-1

Additional Living Expenses

Below are some photos and documentation that show the fire, the “insured peril” occurred on the premises, and therefore that the full ALE provision of Coverage D, Part 1 applies.  There are burnt objects all over the property. Likely more than we could uncover, because heavy rain and wind came in on the week of November 20, blowing leaves and debris everywhere, covering some of the evidence.

Personal Property & Dwelling (Smoke Damage)

November 16, 2018: Air quality reported as “worst in world”.  I took this photo 15 miles from our premises, in downtown Chico. There was a reported PM2.5 score of 547 in Chico, way beyond EPA’s hazardous threshold. The amount of toxic smoke within the fire zone at the premises must have been far worse.